Sip bar and staff services operates under Duos Co., LLC.
Do I need Insurance?
Yes. Although Duos Co., LLC is fully licensed and insured, most venues require that you purchase 24 hour insurance coverage. It does not matter who provides the alcohol, both the entity/individual that provides and the entity/individual who serves could be held liable in the event of an accident/lawsuit.
24 hour insurance coverage is easily obtained at:
Banquet Permit
Do I need a Banquet Permit?
A banquet permit must be purchased for all events held at a venue where the client is providing alcohol and must be acquired and signed by the client.
A banquet permit is $11 and is also easy to obtain. Find the online application at:

THE EVENT CAN NOT BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. No advance sale of tickets will be made to the general public and no advertising will be directed to the general public.
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Liquor can not be sold for cash, scrip, tickets or any other manner whatsoever.

This permit is not valid on a liquor-licensed premises while the liquor license is suspended.

All liquor served will be purchased in Washington State from an authorized liquor retailer.

This permit will be conspicuously posted in the banquet area.

Liquor will be served and consumed only in the portion of the building or location described.

Liquor will be served only to members and invited guests who are 21 years of age or older.

Legal hours for service and consumption of liquor are 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. daily.

The event and the premises for which this permit is issued will be subject to inspection by any liquor control officer or law enforcement officer. 



Special Occasions License

What does the special occasion license allow?

The license allows a bona fide nonprofit organization to sell spirits, beer and wine by the individual serving for on-premises consumption at a specified date, time and place (i.e. fundraising dinner, gala event, auction, wine tasting).


Who can apply for a special occasion license?

A bona fide nonprofit organization is the only entity that can get a special occasion license. The organization is limited to 12 single-day events per calendar year.


How can I apply for a special occasion license?

Applications are available online. The cost is $60 per day, per location. The application and fee must be submitted 45 days before the event. 


Can I have alcohol at an event if I’m a nonprofit and I didn’t get a special occasion license?

Yes, if you hire a caterer who is licensed to sell alcohol at events. The proceeds must go directly to the caterer, not the nonprofit.


Can I use a banquet permit to sell alcohol at my nonprofit event?

No, a banquet permit is for a private function where alcohol is provided to the guest for free.


Can I receive alcohol donations? 

If you are a nonprofit 501(C)(3) or a 501(C)(6), you may accept donated product from a winery, brewery, craft distillery or an accredited representative of a distillery.


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