Camping is a good way to enjoy the outdoors. Especially for those who don’t like bugs and animals (especially bears). There are no bugs or animals: it’s just you, a little campfire, and a cool night sky. You can take your family or friends and camp out in a tent or RV.

It's cheap

It’s cheap: it costs about as much to set up camp as it usually does for one night at a hotel, depending on how big the tent is.


You can pick where to go: camping is often combined with hiking or other outdoor activities, such as boating and fishing


There is usually a swimming pool available: usually there is a lake or river that can be used for fishing or swimming .There is usually a park: a campground, which is a very nice place to go when you are camping; sometimes the park will have an amusement park or swimming pool.


There is usually lots more water: like at campgrounds there’s usually a lake or river for swimming, and camping can be combined with other activities that call for more water. It’s fun: it’s much funner than any kind of vacation or stay at a hotel.

Families Camping

It’s fun to meet new people: at most campgrounds, there are usually other families camping too.


There’s always stuff to do: even if you’ve already gone fishing or swimming, you can still build a campfire and roast hotdogs.

No pressure

There’s no pressure: if you don’t like what’s going on at that moment, then it’s easy just to pack up and find somewhere else to go.


It’s good for kids: at campgrounds there are usually lots of other kids to play with. It’s good for pets: they can run around and swim in the water.


No one will bug you: in most campgrounds, there are usually no annoying people around, so it’s pretty peaceful and quiet.


There are new things to discover: when you camp in an area for a second time, you’ll notice things that you didn’t see the first time, like you might see some deer or even a bear.


Cool Flowers

There are lots of cool flowers: especially the wildflowers that you can find in the woods. Whether you’re camping year-round or going on a summer trip, there will be plenty to do when you’re camping.

Fun Experience.

Whether it’s for one night or several days, there’s always something fun about camping. Camping is a fun experience. It can be just as fun for the adults as it is for the kids. 

Spend Time

So whether you like going camping on a hot sunny summer day or on a warm soggy rainy day, you’ll have lots of fun; it’s always great to spend time outdoors in the wilderness with your family and friends.